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High-Voltage Testing and Calibration

All tests and measurements are made with instruments traceable to Australian National Standards, by staff highly experienced in testing measurement and calibration related to the electrical power industry. The particular capabilities that are within our NATA Scope of Accreditation are identified by NATA. Tests/calibrations outside the NATA Scope are identified with '(traceable)'.



HV AC testing to 100 kVrms at 50 Hz (AS 1931.1, IEC 60060-1)        (traceable)

HV Operating Sticks (in accordance with ISSC 14, Section 13)        NATA
(Carried out at PSS premises, only.)

Insulation Resistance testing and calibration:        NATA
• IR up to 5 kVdc, up to 100 GΩ
• Polarisation Index (PI) tests
• Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR) tests
• Step voltage tests (SV)
• Dielectric Discharge Indicator (DD) tests

Elevated Work Platforms:        (traceable)
• (Dry) Periodic tests on Low-Voltage EWPs to AS/NZS 1418.10
(Carried out at PSS premises, only.)

AC HV Voltmeter calibration (at PSS or in the field):        NATA
• RMS to 100 kVrms at 50 Hz
• Peak/√2 voltmeters to ±100 kVpeak/√2 at 50 Hz
• Peak voltmeters to ±140 kVpeak at 50 Hz

DC HV Voltmeter calibration:        (traceable)
• DC voltmeters to ±90 kVdc

AC, DC Voltage dividers/probes (incl. X-ray Dividers):        (traceable)
• DC voltmeters to ±90 kVdc


High-Voltage Test Laboratory
12 m x 12 m x 6 m high
Multiple configurable safe, interlocked test areas.

Air-conditioned high-voltage test cage
6 m x 3 m x 3 m high

AC HV Test Supplies:
• Testing Transformer: 10 kVA (20 kVA 30 minutes), up to 100 kVrms at 50 Hz, with short-circuit protection.
• 300 kVrms EWP Test Set, 3.6 kVA resistive, or up to 50 kVrms at 7.2 kVA capacitive load; leakage current measured.

DC Sources:
• 0 to ±50 kVdc at 2 mA, highly stable, low ripple
• 0 to ±2.1 kVdc at 15 mA, highly stable, low ripple
• 0 to ±5 kVdc at 400 mA

Insulation Resistance, Puncture and Withstand Testing:
• Puncture/Withstand Tester, 5 kV AC/DC (125 VA)
• Insulation Resistance/Withstand Tester, 5 kV DC (500 VA)
• Insulation Resistance Testing to 5 kV DC

Insulation Resistance Tester calibration:
• At voltages up to 5 kVdc, from 1 MΩ to 100 GΩ.

High-Voltage Testing

High-Voltage Testing

HV Operating Sticks

HV Operating Sticks

Elevated Work Platform

Elevated Work Platform