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Instrument Transformer Testing / Metering Units

All tests and measurements are made with instruments traceable to Australian National Standards, by staff highly experienced in testing measurement and calibration related to the electrical power industry. The particular capabilities that are within our NATA Scope of Accreditation are identified by NATA. Tests/calibrations outside the NATA Scope are identified with '(traceable)'.


Current Transformers (AS 60044.1, IEC 61869-2, AS 1675, AS 61869.2):

Current transformers by primary injection, up to 5000 A applied primary current at 50 Hz with either 1 A or 5 A rated secondary currents, at burdens of unity or 0.8 power factor lagging.

Instrument Transformer Automatic Comparator
Current transformers

AC Ammeters

Calibration by primary injection with one primary turn, up to 5000 A.        NATA
Ratios available:
from 0.5/5 to 5000/5 for 5 A-rated secondaries
from 5/1 to 5000/1 for 1 A-rated secondaries

AC Ammeters

Voltage Transformers (AS 60044.2, IEC 61869-3, AS 1243, AS 61869.3):

Single phase Voltage transformers by primary injection, up to 66 kV/√3 rated primary voltage at 50 Hz at 50 Hz, with either 63.5 V or 110 V rated secondary voltages, at burdens of unity or 0.8 power factor lagging.        NATA

Interposer transformers, of 1:1 ratio, at rated voltages up to 110 V, at 50 Hz.        NATA

Voltage Transformers

Instrument Transformer Test Laboratory

8 m x 6 m x 3 m high, (air-conditioned), expandable with additional air-conditioned Annex (3.5 m x 2 m x 3 m high), as follows:

• High-current supply (15 kVA), up to 5000 A at 50 Hz at low voltage;

• High-voltage supply 10 kVA (20 kVA short-time) up to 100 kV at 50 Hz, short-circuit protected, adjustable;

Instrument Transformer Test Laboratory

Reference Equipment

• Instrument Transformer Automatic Comparator: CT: 1 A or 5 A input; VT: 63.5 V or 110 V input.

• Standard Current Transformers: ratios 5 A - 5000 A/5 A & 1 A and ratios 0.5 A/5 A to 100 A/5 A.

• Standard Voltage Transformers: ratios from 110 V/63.5 V & 110 V, up to 33 kV/63.5 V & 110 V, with additional ratio 66 kV√3 // 110 V√3.

• Active CT/VT Burden unit, 1/5 A and 63.5 /110 V

• Power Meter, a.c. and d.c.

Revenue Metering Unit

Revenue Metering Unit

Instrument Transformer Test Laboratory
Metering Unit

Metering Unit