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Measurement & Uncertainty Consulting

Estimation of Uncertainties:

Do you need assistance with estimating uncertainties of measurement?
If you have a requirement to estimate uncertainties of measurement in accordance with the Guide 98 (former ISO GUM), in the electrical area (or any physical metrology area), we can work with your specific requirements to achieve this goal.

We are here to help - you are not on your own! It does not have to be painful...

Uncertainty budgets
We can review your existing measurement models and uncertainty analyses and advise practical steps to improve your existing uncertainty treatment, where needed, to better satisfy the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and/or your measurement and reporting needs.
If your organisation's uncertainty approach presently utilises the Fluke MET/CAL® system, we can work with that or align your approach to suit this if this is to be implemented later.

If you have existing spreadsheets or require an improved alternative or completely new approach we can work with you to provide a fit-for-purpose solution. We have an approach to validation of spreadsheets, so that you can have confidence that the correct numbers are being generated.

Proficiency Testing / Measurement Audits / Laboratory Inter-Comparisons
If your organisation needs to participate in proficiency testing activities, we can assist by providing suitable spreadsheets for En ratio (Normalised Error) calculation.

How we approach measurement support
Ideally, there is an initial visit to your organisation and then the work proceeds via email, with the required documentation being transferred in that way. We will probably require test methods, work instructions, sample data, reference calibration data and occasional consultation with a testing officer and/or metrologist, as determined by the scope of the work. This process can proceed at your required rate - urgent or otherwise!


We can work with your organisation to provide on-site staff training, specific to your particular measurement needs. This training can be general in nature, advising on the statistical methods of IEC Guide 98, or we can focus on your particular measurement needs.

Ongoing support
We guarantee that we will always be available to make incremental changes and offer support, as required.

We have provided this assistance to laboratories, for several years, with full confidentiality. We can sign your own Confidentiality Agreement or provide a suitable one for you, if required.