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About Power System Support Pty Ltd


Who We Are

We are a fully-independent, Australian owned company, focussed on providing fit-for-purpose, rigorous Testing and Calibration testing services to the Electrical, Power and related industries. Set up in August 2013, we are based at Condell Park, close to the northern side of Bankstown Airport.

How We Can Help You

If you need electrical equipment related to the power industry calibrated or tested – we can most likely assist. All the measurements we carry out are made with instruments traceable to national standards. in our NATA-Accredited facility. We have an air-conditioned laboratory as well as a larger HV Test Hall.

Our staff has a wealth of electrical measurement expertise and experience, and is committed to giving our customers the most useful and credible measurement and test results, at a cost-effective price with unequalled attention to your needs.

We also provide a consultancy service on how to estimate uncertainties of measurement and provide training and ongoing support in this area. All of our services are provided with full confidentiality. Uncertainty analysis ('budgets') can be provided where nothing is in place, to modifications of existing uncertainty budgets/spreadsheets, including mechanical and other physical areas of measurement.

Uniquely, we have a formal Agreement with the National Measurement Institute, that provides for PSS P/L to hire the NMI's High Voltage and Instrument Transformer Laboratories (at West Lindfield NSW) and conduct tests/calibrations there, with or without NMI personnel, which gives our customers access to many of the capabilities of the NMI HV Laboratory. (Note: PSS P/L tests/calibrations at NMI are not NATA-endorsed, but nevertheless are carried out with NMI's traceable instruments, using NMI Test Methods.)